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El Paso County Historical Commission

The El Paso County Historical Commission (EPCHC) is a vital link in Texas' preservation network. Few other states have a built-in mechanism that makes possible a preservation organization in every county. CHCs have statutory responsibility to initiate and conduct programs suggested by the county commissioners court and the Texas Historical Commission (THC). Over the years, CHCs have worked in a dynamic and positive partnership with the THC to preserve Texas' heritage for the use, education, enjoyment and economic benefit of present and future generations. They have been responsible for the preservation of countless historic buildings, artifacts, documents and other pieces of Texas history.

The commissioners court is responsible for appointing its CHC in January of odd-numbered years. To find out who is appointed to the CHC in your county, plese refer to the "contacts" tab or the THC's History Programs Division at 512/ 463-5853. If you are interested in serving on a county historical commission, contact your CHC chair, county judge or county commissioner for information on your county’s appointment procedures.

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El Paso 1886
Song: Enchanted El Paso
Many thanks to El Pasoan Cliff Seaman for allowing the EPHC to use his song Enchanted El Paso from his latest album "He Lives"
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